Sexy Jada Pinkett Smith was spotted in a skimpy bikini, while she was on holidays in Hawaii. Jada showed incredible fit bikini body with firm and tight buttocks and legs.

Gorgeous Jada Pinkett Smith is maybe a small (she is only 152 cm high and has about 49 pounds), but the actress says she never felt “small”. This is further enhanced and the role of mafia boss in the new TV series “Gotham”, which to Jada sat perfectly.

Given the fact that in the show keeps coming in tight dresses, Jada is seriously committed to shaping the body.

She discovered, that she focuses on the number of repetitions rather than the weight lifting. She would rather spend more time in the gym, but in half an hour overload the body and feel bad all day. Her hobby is walking up the stairs – great cardio workout that shapes the buttocks and legs (as you can see on photos from Hawaii).

Her fitness motivation? “I love it when my husband Will look at me and says that I look incredibly well. When the husband with whom I have been for 20 years cannot take his eyes off me, it’s the best feeling” she said.

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