It’s very hot these days and we are very happy, when some celeb cheer us, with topless photos from their vacations by the sea. For the occasion we got topless photos of Mariah Carey, Carla Velli, Chelsea Handler, Juliana Reis and Amber Rose.

Famous singer Mariah Carey shows nipple, while was climbing on the jet-ski. We could see enormous big tit, which fell out of her neoprene suit.

Mariah Carey nip slip
Mariah Carey nip slip on jet ski.
Mariah Carey nip slip tits
Mariah Carey nip slip on jetski – tits visible!

We don’t need to introduce to you Amber Rose. We think that everybody knows her and her famous curves. This time she was caught topless on the beach and we are stunned by the greatness of her tits.

amber rose topless on beach
Amber Rose topless on beach.

Besides the humor, Chelsea Handler among her fans is also known as a woman who has no problem with showing breasts. About it you can convince yourself on her Twitter account.

Juliana Reis was caught in topless and skimpy bikinis when she paraded in Miami, her sensational curves additionally warm up already hot atmosphere of one of the local beaches. Former beauty queen and model refresh is sought in, it seems, cold ocean, and a story to be complete, she took off all unnecessary clothing.

Juliana Reis topless
Juliana Reis topless on the beach.
Juliana Reis in thong on the beach
Juliana Reis in thong on the beach.

Italian model Carla Velli was caught topless on some beach in Miami, where enjoys in holidays with female friends.

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